Rep. Teri Hickel calls for change to help people on supplemental income

Legislator: Rep. Teri Hickel
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Help is on the way for people in the state who are on supplemental income, but face unusual roadblocks in doing something so simple as going to the grocery store.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson:  For some recipients of The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program just getting to the grocery store can be a challenge.  But many find, once they get there, the products they receive funds for…are out of stock.  Why?  Recipients are limited to a ten day window in which they can shop.   It creates a run on stores, causing long lines, and shortages.

Hickel: “This program has been effective and it would be even more effective if we had more options, more days, for recipients to receive what they need and also for grocery stores to assist the recipients.”

Johnson: Lawmaker Teri Hickel, a Republican from Federal Way has introduced a bill that would extend the shopping window for SNAP recipients.  There is a similar companion bill being considered in the Senate.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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