Rep. Teri Hickel’s SNAP legislation signed into law

Rep. Teri Hickel’s bill extending the date range for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to be distributed was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Jay Inslee. Under House Bill 2877, SNAP benefits will now be distributed over a period of 20 days – an increase of 10 days from the current distribution model.
SNAP provides nutritional support benefits to low-income individuals and families in Washington state. One in seven Washingtonians relies on the program.
Hickel says the change her bill provides will benefit many SNAP recipients.
“SNAP is an important program for so many families in Washington state, but the current benefit distribution model isn’t working as well as it should,” said Hickel, R-Federal Way. “Expanding the date range for SNAP benefits to be distributed will increase access to a wider range of food products and allow families to shop without having to navigate long lines. This bill is good for grocers and SNAP recipients alike, and I am so pleased to see it signed into law today.”
The Department of Social and Health Services is required to expand the benefit distribution date range by Feb. 1, 2017. The federal government is expected to pay for half of the costs to implement the change.
Gov. Jay Inslee signs Rep. Teri Hickel's House Bill 2877 into law. March 29, 2016.
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